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Imagine being able to strategically place your personalized assessment into any sales sequence to pre-qualify your prospects and increase conversion into your high-end programs or products.

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7 ways to supercharge your sales with Smart Biz Quiz

Plug your personalized assessment into anyone of these sales campaigns
to profile your prospect and increase conversion.

  1. Pre-Strategy Session Sequence
    Double or even triple conversion from your
    high-end enrollment conversations by talking only to qualified prospects whom are highly committed, willing to invest and excited to explore how you can help.
  2. Pre-Webinar Sequence
    Skyrocket the show-up rate to your webinars by having registrants to take your assessment 24 hours in advance. Prospects come knowing what pieces are missing and curious about where you can help.
  3. Pre-Live Event Sequence
    Use your assessment to help you and your event attendees get clear about where they are and what they need before attending your live event, setting the stage for fewer no-shows and increase back-of-the-room sales.
  4. List-Building Sequence
    Supercharge your Facebook ads by automatically profiling prospects and then personalizing your e-communication based on their needs.
  5. Student Progress Sequence Coming soon…
    Imagine the power of giving your group program participants a tool to measure where they are when they enter into your online programs. When you give clients a tool to track their progress and give them a numerical representation of how much they have progressed you’ll see engagement and completion go through the roof…
  6. List Re-Engagement Sequence Coming soon…
    Re-engage a non-responsive list by showing them you care and providing a simple tool for discovering what’s holding them back. Then, engage them with relevant free content that’s perfect for where they are and what they need.
  7. Speak From The Stage Sequence Coming soon…
    Capture new leads with this creative call to action whenever you speak to an audience, whether live or virtually. Your assessment builds your credibility by showing them what missing pieces may be holding them back and how you can help.
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